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Charli XCX, Angelina Jolie, Kate Upton, Adam Levine, Gwen Stefani and More

Demi Lovato And Nick Jonas Give Us A Preview Of Their Upcoming Tour

Elle Fanning Looks Stunning At ‘Trumbo’ Premiere

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‘Spectre’ Photocall For The Italian Premiere In Rome

Kim K is About To Pop At The InStyle Awards

Sandra Bullock, George Clooney Star Power At ‘Our Brand Is Crisis’ Premiere

James Bond And Royalty Are Back For The Premiere of ‘Spectre’

‘Spectre’ World Premiere And Royal Performance: Singer Sam Smith

‘Spectre’ World Premiere And Royal Performance: Director Sam Mendes

‘Spectre’ World Premiere And Royal Performance: Sony Chair Tom Rothman

‘Spectre’ World Premiere And Royal Performance: Ralph Fiennes

‘Spectre’ World Premiere And Royal Performance: Christoph Waltz

‘Spectre’ World Premiere And Royal Performance: Will i Am

‘Spectre’ World Premiere And Royal Performance: 007 Daniel Craig

‘Spectre’ World Premiere And Royal Performance: Lea Seydoux

‘Spectre’ World Premiere And Royal Performance: Monica Bellucci

‘Spectre’ World Premiere Highlights, Stars And Royalty

Justin Bieber Rocks EMA’s And Kanye Rocks Kim’s Baby Shower

Sexy Playboy Halloween Party And James Franco At Premiere

Justin Timberlake and Wife Jessica Biel get GLSEN ‘Respect Award’

Gwyneth Paltrow Honored At 25th Annual EMA’s

Sam Smith Making The Theme For 007 ‘Spectre’

Fans Go Crazy For Ed Sheeran Movie And Justin Bieber

Rebel Wilson Comes Out For Her Own Fashion Launch

Laird Hamilton Fashions Gets Big Support From Oprah

Seinfeld and Kramer Get Together At ‘Red Star Ball’

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Bradley Cooper In A Great Scene From ‘Burnt’

A Sexy Kate Upton, Hot Ronda Rousey And Kool And The Gang Honored

Nicole Kidman At The Women In The World Summit

‘Trumbo’ Arrives At BFI London Film Fest

Behind The Scenes Of ‘The 33’

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Jena Malone At Hunger Games Event

Jennifer Lawrence In ‘Welcome to the 76th Hunger Games’ Trailer

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Behind The Scenes Of ‘Jem And The Holograms’

LAX Floods With Stardom This Week

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Natalie Dormer Joins BAFTA In Selecting Award Winners

The BFI Luminous Fundraising Gala

An Engaged Lady Gaga Is Mobbed By Paparazzi

Elite Fashion Icons And Celebs Flock To Paris

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A New Star Is Cast For Disney’s ‘Moana’

‘The Good Dinosaur’ Trailer 3

The Sexiest Young Celebs At Paris Fashion Week Together

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Lady Gaga Hits The Small Screen

Tom Hanks Looking Dapper At NYFF Premiere of ‘Bridge of Spies’

Steven Spielberg Is Honored To Premiere ‘Bridge of Spies’ At NYFF

Amy Ryan On Inspiring Role In ‘Bridge of Spies’ At Premiere

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Seth Rogen On The Red Carpet At ‘Steve Jobs’ NYFF Premiere

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